COVID-19 Testing available.

Patients must be assessed by our physicians for testing based on symptoms or exposure to the COVID-19 virus.
Test results are typically available within 2-5 days (may take up to 7 days based on lab volume).

Month: February 2020

Can You Really Prevent Cancer?

February is National Cancer Prevention Month and a time to help increase awareness nationwide about cancer, its causes and what we can do to prevent it. So, can you really prevent cancer?  The answer is………sometimes! Some cancer risk factors cannot be controlled, such as age, sex, race or ethnicity, family history and inherited genetic characteristics. …

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How Can I Treat an Upper Respiratory Infection?

Each year, millions of patients are likely to experience a case of the common cold, influenza, or a related seasonal illness. When patients get suddenly sick during cold or flu season, it is likely the cause of an upper respiratory infection.  Upper respiratory infections, sometimes referred to as upper respiratory tract infections, are an extremely …

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